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Job Title Job Requirements Hiring release time
3D modeler Internship

1、It will operate 3dmax, photoshop graphics software

2、Architecture-related design like it or have training experience;

3、Parallel upright, good communication, good professionalism and team spirit;

4、Hard-working, self-motivated;

Several 2016-6-28
Senior furniture modeler

1、At least 2 years experience in the production effects, proficient in 3ds max and vray rendering;

2、For lighting atmosphere with some experience and temperament to grasp;

3、Master 3dmax \ photoshop \ Autocad \ VR rendering and other graphics software;

4、There are some art skills and ability to understand modeling;

5、Quick thinking, good character, good communication, good team spirit and professionalism

6、There project experience preferred

7、Familiar with the various lighting atmosphere, a variety of materials texture, color coordination and other performance。

1 2016-6-28
Working Address: 4th Floor, Guangdong Dongguan City, South City Road gold zones B1 days of digital city      email:hr@tuju.cn