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1.Apply for a account registered members need to charge?

A: No, absolutely free registered members.

2.Forgot your password how do?

A: Use a password hint question, or contact customer service to retrieve your password。

3.Registered members have any special privileges?

A: You can apply for membership uploaded model, model download, dividends commission; personal account management, shared resources.

4.What with European currencies?

A: The European currencies can download the original model OM online, you can also use the cloud rendering server speed rendering renderings in the cloud.

5.What website open slow reason?

A: Make sure personal LAN Does anyone have something to download, online music, online movies, play online games, management software in operation; or check if the router has a problem.

6.Model audit by what criteria is?

A: The reason the model can not review are as follows: this site model for repeated upload, rough quality or texture quality damage, preview renderings quality is not sufficient, preview renderings and models is inconsistent, preview renderings nonconforming, renderings watermark mark or copyright issues, scene model requires a full textures and lighting parameters, the price is too high, the file can not be opened.