JA住宅,墨西哥 / HW STUDIO

案例 2023年09月23日

JA住宅,或称为“隐藏在山后面的那座房子”,由墨西哥本地事务所HW STUDIO设计。设计的最初理念旨在以谨慎的水平线条,突出背景中的蓝天与山脉,让自然的光线在空间之间流淌。

JA House, or The House that Hides Behind the Hill, is a project that we imagined from the very beginning as a discreet, slight horizontal line highlighting the sky and the mountains in the background, with the latest sun rays draining in between.

▼街道视角,street view


We had to keep the main facade timidly hidden from the eyes of those circulating the streets of the Santa Barbara glen. We wanted the house to be so intimate and silent that only suggested its own presence, avoiding any presumption, exaggerated exhibition, or the typical ostentation of the place where it is located. Its black stone interiors pretend to emphasize the roof and highlight that horizontal line on which the sun, the sky, and the mountains peacefully rest.


▼建筑依偎在山体上,the house lying on the hill

▼西南立面,southwest facade


▼东北立面,northeast facade


The magic sunsets perceived from its location was something important for us throughout the design process. All spaces inside wished to be influenced by the beauty of such light that does nothing but produce a very particular enchantment.



▼由楼梯看庭院,viewing the courtyard from the staircase



The house is divided into three blocks placed on different levels, interconnected by wide covered and uncovered stairs that make up a continuous and fluid space.

▼室内外空间关系,relationship between interior and exterior

▼客厅与餐厅,living room and dining room 

▼餐厅,dining room


The gardens, patios, and squares organize the rest of the program, provide a certain introspective, domesticated, silent nature and fill the spaces with such intimacy and recollection that reminds us of the pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture of some towns in Michoacán.






▼细部详图,construction details

Architects: HW STUDIO
Website: http://www.hw-studio.com/
Contact e-mail: 
Facebook: @hwstudioarquitectos
Instagram: @hwstudioarq
Location: Morelia, Michoacán, México
Google maps link: 
Completion Year: 2015
Size: 550 mts2
Lead Architects: Rogelio Vallejo Bores and Francisco Noriega Ayala
Team: Angeles Zambrano
Clients: Janet Aceves y Jaime Sandoval
Budget: 300,000.00 USD
Photo credits: Cesar Belio
Photographer’s website: www.cesarbelio.com