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案例 2023年01月13日


Embrace the sunshine to revitalize the 20-year-old house.

Surrounding the central sky well, we redefined the “atriums” and “gardens” by segmenting the interior space into the “inside” and the “outside”, the “bright” and the “dark”, the “twisting” and the “open” areas. Strolling along the paths in the atrium, the subtle balance between convenience and enjoyment has been achieved.

▼项目概览,Preview © 恩万建筑摄影

The atrium embracing the sunshine

中心光庭 | Central Atrium


As the core of the area, this atrium used to be the sky well. The previous reconstruction moved the stairs to this area, where the sky well and the stairs were integrated.

▼从餐厨区望向玄关,View to the entry hall from the kitchen -dining area © 恩万建筑摄影

▼下沉客厅,Sunken living room © 恩万建筑摄影

▼餐厅,Dining area © 恩万建筑摄影


The spiral staircases, in combination with the curvy handrail, create a kind of gentle and ascending feeling. The white material, thanks to its texture, renders sufficient reflection and even mixture of the sunlight pouring down through the sky well. The stairs enable the light perceivable in terms of volume and weight; and the light, in return, enables the stairs bathed therein to float on bright light foams, looking lightsome and ascending.

▼从吧台区域望向下沉客厅,View to the living room from the bar © 恩万建筑摄影

▼光井和楼梯合二为一,The spiral staircase is integrated to the light well © 恩万建筑摄影


Arranged around the central atrium are an activity room in the basement, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen on the first floor as well as the study room on the second floor. Such combination, like an enclosed “urban square”, highlights both the functional and the open space while embracing vivid light available for more profound gatherings and interactions.

▼多层次的场景,The multi-layered scenes © 恩万建筑摄影

蓝色光庭 | Blue Atrium



When reaching the basement, the light shed from the central atrium has been much attenuated, so by the window in the southern part of the living room we added another natural sky well, the blue atrium, enabling the passing sunlight to revitalize the suffocating amusement space. In the meantime, the upper and lower storeys can well blend with each other. Moreover, the blue soft coverage here reduces the disturbance of the reflected blue light to the lower space, maintaining the tranquility.

This blue atrium is almost invisible from the ground floor, and the stairway nets enable us to dispense with handrails. At this point, the activity room designed for children merges perfectly with the living room for adults.

▼地下娱乐区,Activity space on the basement floor © 恩万建筑摄影

▼光庭中覆盖上蓝色的软包,The atrium with blue soft coverage © 恩万建筑摄影

▼蓝色光庭细节,Detailed view © 恩万建筑摄影

红色乐园 | Red Fairyland


Perched near the underground northern corner of the central atrium, a designated fairyland equipped with climbing facilities and other entertainment amenities is designed, which is not exclusive to children, but open to any adults who want to compete with their children for fun.
The arched door on one side of the Red Fairyland embeds the children’s activities into the space for the living room. The eye contact and the space integration are of special significance to this house without high ceilings.

▼儿童游戏区,Children’s area © 恩万建筑摄影

▼攀爬墙,Climbing wall © 恩万建筑摄影

▼楼梯,Staircase © 恩万建筑摄影

▼空间一瞥,A glance to Children’s area © 恩万建筑摄影

边庭 | Side Atrium


The area apart from the bedroom at the southern side on the second floor is fully open, where you can not only overlook the central atrium but the garden outside the northern room. Furnished with desks, bookshelves and musical instruments, this area serves as the library and the music room at home.

▼阅读休息区,Reading area © 恩万建筑摄影

▼从二层望向楼梯,Staircase seen from the second floor © 恩万建筑摄影

The Paths



The staircase of the central atrium is naturally connected with other space, instead of existing on its own.

There is a height difference of 1.2 meters between the original rooms (living room, kitchen, and dining room) and the northern garden, and this discrepancy dissevers all the parts spatially. According to the altitudes of staircases, we divided the area into two areas, one for strolling and another for rest. With two steps upward after changing your shoes, you will arrive at the Central Atrium; with further three steps upward, the gradually elevated paths naturally separate the sunken living room, the ascended dining room, and the kitchen, which are mutually connected with the central atrium. These interesting branch paths, from the basement to the living room, from the underground space to the dining room and the kitchen, from the kitchen to the living room, connect the space at home in a dynamic manner.

▼被“切分”的路径,The segmented paths © 恩万建筑摄影


A barrier-free path was added for the elderly spavined corgi at home. Opposite the living room lies a raised platform serving as both the shoes changing stool and the bar of the living room. The arch below is the first gentle slope for the dog to walk across the first height difference. Under the central atrium and the kitchen is the second barrier-free slope which is integrated with the kitchen island and the dining table.

▼狗坡道&多功能桌,Slope for the dog & multifunction desk © 恩万建筑摄影

▼厨房,Kitchen © 恩万建筑摄影

▼客厅吧台,Bar for the living room © 恩万建筑摄影

Sculptures bathed in subdued lights


When the atrium is unveiled and the paths are segmented, the remaining space, while naturally following the silhouette of beams, equipment, and furniture, is also taken up by the bar desk, the long table, the shoe stool, the dog holes, and the storing facilities etc., which take on sculpture-like light and shade changes in the soft light.

▼雕塑般的体量贯穿空间,The sculpture-like elements throughout the space © 恩万建筑摄影

▼户外庭院,Outdoor courtyard © 恩万建筑摄影

▼原始平面,Original layout © 大海小燕设计工作室

▼项目平面图,Project floor plans © 大海小燕设计工作室

▼一层剖面图,First floor section © 大海小燕设计工作室

▼楼梯间剖面,Stairwell section © 大海小燕设计工作室

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